We want to create a world where working is part of life's celebration. Every job is a blessing and should be loved by the person doing it to maximize ones productivity. Working from home is the best representation of Work-Life Balance.

Family, friends and every relationship we have makes us whole. The people we spend most time with defines our best choices in life. Let our relationship with God and others be the most meaningful element of our lives.

We have to learn which relationship makes us grow and ties that we need to let go.

Let's look at dogs and our furkids as role models, they give and give - no buts, no ifs. If they love you, they will serve & watch over you, be your friend, your confidant and the one who will love you until their last breath. Dogs are the best example of loving unconditionally.

We love food! Who doesn't? But it is better when shared with our loved ones. We are no-pros but hey, it's better to share and learn from ideas of others.