Our mission is to help you start
living the kind of life you want.

Hello & welcome to our page! We are so grateful to be able to help people and inspire others through this website. All we can say is, "Thank you".

We live in the South with our dogs- Bebong & Co.

Passionate about arts, crafts, food, travel, automobiles, motorbikes
and our hunger for success is impeccable!

The business itself is a re-embodiment of an old family owned business – NORCI Enterprises. As a start-up, we wanted to have a business of our own. Something that we would be proud to have started. Working in a call center industry (where we met) for over 7 years with different skill set and specialties, we decided to take that big leap of faith and started working home-based as freelancers. We've successfully helped clients on different projects just like any freelancers do. When the project is done, we move on to a new client until we have fully established their profiles in Odesk. As freelancers, we have ventured into other lines of business that lead us to establish the online page of NORCI. However, of course, we wanted something that we can call our own and after two years of working online, we  have decided to recreate the business and that’s the birth of THE G-SPOT COMPANY.

The G-Spot Company would be a one stop shop. It’s a blog, a business, a freelancer’s hub and place of reference, an online training facility, a boutique and we will continue to grow, that’s a promise! We have a lot of plans ahead but we want to take this one step at a time until we have fully established the website as well as the company itself. We are confident that with the best assets (our investors and associates), we are bound to succeed in no time.