07.15.2016 | Changes. Changes. Changes.

Today would probably be one of the longest, most eventful day of my year. This week, actually. Its like, life took another turn and I’ve had to go with the flow with all these changes. People change. Work change. Life changing events. So many things happened in one day but I am not in the position to tell them all. This Friday in particular, will forever be stored in my memory. It was like God showing me that I sweat too much in small stuff.

I’ve been having issues with my pay at work, the boys need shoes because school is about to start and I am literally down to my last $2. The agency then sent an email that salary won’t be sent for another week and that’s it! I seriously almost lost every bit of focus at work because THAT IS NOT FAIR. My co-agency worker even said — “Ano, yung email nila ang ipapakita sa meralco? Sa school ng anak ko?” (Can we show and use that email to pay meralco electric bill? Show at our kids’ school?) and she’s right! I totally agree with her! I know exacty how she feels because I don’t think my boys can wear that email to school come Monday. We weren’t even notified. So I had to make a decision. A plan has been set and I am blessed to have amazing clients who understand and are willing to “adopt” me. Needlesstosay, I lost focus on something that could have been resolved without a shed of tear. A few hours later, still unable to sleep because of what happened, I learned that a close friend lost his dad. And that is when things became crystal clear. While I am having issues with money and literally “first world problem” as my friends refer to it, someone just lost a loved on. I can’t imagine what they are going through right now. I seriously called my siblings and bestfriend to check on them. Knowing they are well and okay made me feel so blessed that I forgot I have my own issues.

Lately, I have been wallowing on issues that shouldn’t even be bothering me. But after this, I think I will start appreciating more than hating. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

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